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Client Agreement

We ("Freedom Connect Services," "Developer") are excited that you ("Client") have selected us to help grow your brand! Listed in this Service Agreement are our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy. Please read over this agreement before you sign it.

Expectations & Responsibilities

As your Developer, we aim to help you achieve your end goals. Our commitment is to provide you with the most efficient and professional services possible. We have a team working closely with us on your brand. Transparency and Communication are at the forefront of our daily routine.

We want you to know that we respect your time. You deserve a trusted tech team to stay in touch with you. We usually respond to messages within a few hours, but we ask that you give us a minimum of 48 business hours to respond.

As our client, we understand that you will be busy working on your brand. We use systems to allow us to work with you efficiently. Please communicate with us as quickly as possible when needed. Because we know you are busy, whenever we send you a message or email, we allow 48 business hours before we reach out to you directly.

Support & Availability

Being accessible and attentive to our clients is a priority. You can contact us through email or messages. We are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time. 

Being courteous to all of our clients is a priority for us. We want to be able to focus on your brand without interruption. Remember to give us time to respond to you.

PLEASE NOTE: In most cases, we respond within a few hours. We check our emails twice a day. 


We need to be able to focus on your project without interruptions. We use email, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Text Messages, and Zoom as primary communication methods. We ask that all of our clients use email to communicate as we may only sometimes be able to answer on the other forms of communication. This allows us to complete the project on time.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy varies based on the different services offered. Please check out our current Refund Policy to learn more about what you can expect.

You usually have 24 hours to cancel and request a refund. After 24 hours, you will lose your deposit.

Scheduling Your Date

We have set up a booking system so that you can schedule a date to complete your project. The available dates will always be set one week from the day you look at our booking system. It is imperative that you select a date and time that you are available, as we only work on a certain amount of projects per day. We will honor the services purchased and complete the project on the scheduled date. 

To schedule your original date, you must pay the deposited amount of 60% for the project you purchased. You will receive an invoice 24 hours before the scheduled date to pay the remaining balance.

Rescheduling Your Date

As a courtesy, we will allow for one rescheduling for the project to be completed. You must request the rescheduling of your project before 3:00 pm Central Time before the scheduled date. If you request to reschedule after 3:00 pm Central Time, there will be a fee of $197 required to reschedule.

After the first rescheduling, if any rescheduling is necessary, there will be a fee of $97 required to reschedule.

You will be allowed to reschedule your date as often as you need, within 30 days from the first scheduled date. 

One of the following will occur after the 30 days have passed:

  • If the final invoice is paid, the project will be completed and handed over to you.
  • If the final invoice is not paid, the project will be canceled, and you will lose your deposit.

Unpaid Invoice

If you cannot make the payment on the final invoice before the scheduled date, we will allow you, as a one-time courtesy, to reschedule the date of your project at no cost to you.

If the final invoice is not paid in full and you did not communicate with us to reschedule, the project will be placed on hold on the day of the scheduled date. You may reschedule the date for $197.

If the project has not been rescheduled after 48 hours from the scheduled date, the project will be canceled, and you will lose your original deposit.

Required Content

After you have purchased your project and scheduled your date, we will provide you with intake forms to complete to provide us with the content needed to complete your project. You will have until the scheduled date to share this content.

On your scheduled date, with the final invoice paid in full, we will complete the project with generic information and turn over the product to you if we have not received the needed content. If you still want us to complete the project with your content, you need to reschedule the work for $197.

If you provide some of the content needed, we will use whatever content you have provided and add generic info, as required, for us to complete your project on the scheduled date. Any revisions included in your purchased package will be voided due to the lack of content provided. 

  • Fonts and Typography: The client is responsible for obtaining their own typography license for any fonts used in the branding that require licensing in addition to the base price in the agreement. Free alternatives will be provided when necessary. 
  • Copy: The client is responsible for providing all content. The Developer will offer guidance when needed, but the final text needs to be supplied by the Client unless otherwise specified in the project scope.
  • Images: The client is responsible for providing all digital photos, either personal brand photography or stock photography. The Developer will offer guidance on what is needed, but photography options are to be supplied by the Client unless otherwise specified in the project scope. If stock photography is provided, the client will obtain proper licensing from the respective owners of the content.


We understand that revisions are sometimes necessary once you see all your content pieces put together for the first time. As a standard policy, we allow two modifications (a courtesy and a final revision). 

After this, we will turn the project over to you and open up any available course materials specific to your project type for you to review and make your revisions.

PLEASE NOTE: This revision policy can be superseded by the revision statement listed for your purchase. Please check the product for the current revisions permitted for that project. If none is listed, this policy is in full effect for your project.


The client has the right to modify the web pages after the project is complete at the risk of damages to functionality or design. If modifications are made to the site after the project completion date and service is needed from the Developer, the Client must book an additional project to cover the fixes.


All information exchanged during service delivery will be confidential, including content from courses, websites, or memberships. We will not disclose confidential information you share with us during the service delivery to anyone else without reason to know such information unless required by law, ethics, or upon written authorization.

PLEASE NOTE: All usernames and passwords needed to complete your project should be provided to us using our secure intake forms. Once we are finished with your project, this information will be deleted. Our policy is not to save your information on our systems after the project is completed. Click here for more information about our Privacy Policy


Freedom Connect Services explicitly states that while serving in the role of a tech and strategy team, we are not providing legal or financial advice in any way. Nothing contained in the services provided is intended to be a substitute for other business tools and services you may need. You should always seek the advice of your attorney, accountant, therapist, counselor, certified coach, or financial manager regarding your legal and financial situation.

Limitation of Liability, Indemnification, and Release of Claims

Freedom Connect Services may not be held responsible for the information you request or receive through the services outlined in this agreement. 

By signing this agreement, you fully and completely hold harmless, indemnify and release Freedom Connect Services and any employees, shareholders, directors, staff, consultants, agents, or anyone affiliated with us from any and all liability, damage, causes of action, allegations, suites, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, that you ever had, now have or will have in the future against us, arising from your participation in or in any way related to this agreement, even if we were aware in advance of the possibility of any such claim.


In the unfortunate event of a dispute between Freedom Connect Services and the Client, the client agrees not to engage in any conduct or communications, public or private, designed to disparage the services provided by Freedom Connect Services. 

When requested by law or arbitration, of course, the client is not prohibited from sharing their thoughts and opinions as a part of the legal process. 

By signing this agreement, the client and Freedom Connect Services acknowledge that they have read, understand, agree to, and accept all of the terms in this agreement. Service delivery will begin once this signed document has been received.

Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises between the Client and Freedom Connect Services, all communications will be through Email or Zoom. However, should a dispute arise between us, we agree now that we will submit to binding arbitration before a single arbitrator, selected jointly by the United States of America rules. 

Before seeking arbitration, you, the Client, must submit your complaint to us with full details about your dissatisfaction with the services provided via email to The Client understands that the only remedy that can be awarded to you through arbitration is a full refund of your payment made to date. No award of consequential or of any other type of damages may be granted. Any judgment on an arbitrator's award, if made, is binding and may be entered into any court having the appropriate jurisdiction. 

By signing this agreement, the Client agrees to a modification of the statute of limitations such that any arbitration must be commenced within one year of the date of the act, omission, or other conduct complained of as submitted in an email or shall otherwise be forfeited forever. 

The arbitration will be held in the United States of America in Trenton, TN. The prevailing party shall be entitled to all reasonable attorney's fees and costs necessary to enforce the agreement. 

Other Important Terms

Entire Agreement: This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. Any prior understanding or representation of any kind shall not be binding upon any party except to the extent incorporated in this agreement.

Modification of Agreement: Any modification of this agreement or additional obligation assumed by any party in connection with this agreement shall be binding only if evidenced in writing and signed by each party. 

Assignment: Neither this Agreement nor any other rights or obligations under this agreement shall be assigned or otherwise transferred.

No Waiver: The failure to enforce any provision of this agreement shall not be construed as a waiver or limitation of the right to implement later and compel strict compliance with every part of this agreement.

Effect of Partial Invalidity: The invalidity of any portion of this agreement will not and shall not be deemed to affect the validity of any other provision. Suppose any provision of this agreement is invalid. In that case, the parties agree that the remaining provisions shall be in full force and effect as if both parties had executed them after the expungement of the invalid provision.

Governing Law: This agreement shall be construed according to the laws and regulations of the State of Tennessee and the United States of America.

Accepting the Client's Agreement

We do not require a "contract" to acquire our services. You only need to agree to this service agreement and purchase the service to work with us. You can cancel at any time by emailing us at


The Client's signature on this agreement indicates compliance with the above service agreement.


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