Too many tasks?

Can’t focus on the growth of your business?

Let us be your business strategist!


As a solopreneur, you have a considerable amount of tasks to keep your business running. Dealing with multiple hats can keep you from your business’s actual meat and potatoes, which is growth.

We all like to think that we can handle everything, and perhaps at the beginning of the new adventure, you can manage it all. There does come a time where you begin to hinder your growth because there are just too many tasks for you to complete by yourself, and the demand becomes overwhelming. 

This is where we come in…

We take away the tasks in your business that are slowing you down from focusing on growth. You should stop and ask yourself the following questions:

What are your goals for the next 12 weeks?

Can you achieve those goals in a typical 40-hour workweek?

Am I sacrificing too much time to my venture and not giving enough to my family?

Why am I struggling to get organic growth on my website’s SEO or Pinterest?

Are my customers or audience able to be satisfied with the level of service I provide to them if my emails are so backed up?

As an entrepreneur and a family with three children, we clearly understand this struggle. This is why we created Freedom Connect to partner with you to help grow your business and provide an outstanding level of customer service.

Sure, you can go and post a pin on Pinterest, add a keyword in your website SEO, answer behind emails, send out invoices, or even keep your books up to date. However, it does not end there, and trying to do all of those things simultaneously is very difficult. You also must engage with your audience to foster proper growth. When you try to wear too many hats, you can spread yourself thin, which can cause you to burn out and no longer enjoy your business and even forget the reason you started it in the first place.We provide services such as Administrative Support, Pinterest Management, Customer Service, Content Management & Production, Blog/Website Management, Email (Inbox) Management, Finance, Email Marketing, Online Marketing, Audio/Video Production, Website Maintenance, and much more. Our question to you is, What are you struggling with? What task(s) do you have that you would like to have someone else handle? 

If you’re working to grow your business, then we are the perfect match for you.

Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your business by partnering together.

Not just a client relationship — a Partnership.

Many businesses that do what we do only treat you as a client, a number, just someone they are doing a job for, and are not personable. At Freedom Connect Services, we think of you as a partner and as a part of our family!

This means that we work together to achieve the goals that we set to accomplish. Even after the bulk of the work is done, we will continue to support you as if we were going to sit down to Thanksgiving Dinner with you across the table!

As our organization grows, we will add many talented members to our team that will enjoy working from home and around a schedule that best supports them and their families. With that in mind, we know that communication is vital, and it can make or break our relationship with our partners.

When you decide to partner with Freedom Connect, we will work together using communication forms such as:


A specific email address will be provided for you to email

Project Management Tracker

Access to a ClickUp board that is created for you to track the progress of each project we are working on together

Instant Messaging

We use Telegram to provide secure messaging so that we do not have to worry when we are providing passwords or when we would like to have a voice or video call

Our Budget-Friendly, Time-Saving Policy

Because we want to provide dedicated attention to each of our partners, we do not offer a customer service number for you to call. Instead, we have all of the forms mentioned above for communication to schedule meetings with our partners as needed, and we will never be interrupted by calls from another partner. We will work through each email, instant message, or Band post on a first-come, first-serve basis to promptly work with each partner.We believe that you should only focus on what you do best and allow us to do what we do best in the background. Unlike other companies, we strive to complete projects in phases. This concept was designed to be budget-friendly for our partners. As we help your brand grow over time, we will then move to the next phase to provide more features. We are firm believers in only spending money on services that we need to get us started and not waste time or money working on items that aren’t necessary for our current goals.

Partner with Freedom Connect Services today

and start getting ALL your business tasks completed!